MJ Celmer Cpa - at work

Customer Testimonials

“MJ is the best and most helpful accountant that I have ever had.  Immediately after our first meeting, she resolved longstanding tax issues that I had had, and she gave me excellent advice and information about what I needed to do in the future for my small business.  I have never met another accountant who accomplishes what she does with such efficiency:  she knows in a flash what needs to be done for each issue without my having to explain it, and she has several times very successfully negotiated with other financial professionals the best courses of action for me to take.  She is equally impressive at handling both the routine accounting required for all personal/business filers and the unusual or unexpected.   I found her as the result of a referral from another professional, and working with her has been like striking gold.”

Michelle Brandwein
Computer Programmer and Small Business Owner